More fun in TX

Here are some pics of Christopher's graduation and some time with Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Christopher, and a day when Robert and I got to play hookie with Sarah!...


We had so much fun on Our trip to Tx! Even on our actual traveling part we had fun..Here are some pics from Nana and Pa's, The Warners and Grandmommie Becky and Pop's

Boy Scout Gathering

We went to this thing the Boy Scouts on the island were doing a while back and some of the pics from that were so cute I had to share! Boys and guns....go figure ^_^

Rod's Birthday

Well....I've been such a total slacker...I said I was going to try to keep this thing updated, and look what happened! I apologize for those of you who are checking, hoping to see that I'm doing something...hmmm...I'm not actually slacking, just slacking at this....So, here is an update:

Roddy turned 3 (a long time ago!~March 20) and we went to Chuckie Cheese for the day while Papa was in Korea. We made birthday hats at home the night before his birthday, and he of course had cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Thank you everyone who sent him presents...he had a lot of fun! Here are some pics and video from his big day.

We miss you, Papa!

Robert my dear, the boys really enjoyed gymnastics last night! Rod followed in the line and waited his turn to jump, after which, he jumped down and turned around to look at the instructor (Mr. Mike) and said, "WOW! I just did that!" The instructor even thought it was pretty cute! He clapped for the other children when it was their turn and was very encouraging! It was really precious! When we left he told Mr. Mike "Thank you-I'm coming back!" Sterling had a new instructor (a girl) and he didn't like that as much as Mr. Spencer and Mr. Shane, but he made friends with a couple different boys and was glad to be back.

This morning I was getting ready to go run and cleaning up a little in the kitchen, the boys were in the living room playing and Sterling came and got me and said they had something to show me....and this other video is what they were working on :) . They are so funny! Ok, well I'll talk to you later..I love you-oh so much!

Children's Discovery Center-Feb 27th

Children's Discovery Center in Honolulu was a lot of fun...we went for the first time and the boys were so excited, they ran from place to place frantically seeing all there was to see. There was a wide range of activities for the kids to participate in at their own pace and I think we will for sure be going back...

Valentine's Day...

For Valentine's Nana sent the boys chocolate covered strawberries and they opened the box while on the phone with her...they devoured them quickly (of course) and loved every bite..Thank you Nana!